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Fighting Commercial Development in White Rock Lake Park

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Dallas Morning News 4/24/2014
Developers drop plan for restaurant at White Rock Lake

DMN City Hall Blog 4/24/2014
After contentious town hall, developers abandon
plan for restaurant on Boy Scout Hill at White Rock Lake

Dallas Observer Blog 4/24/2014
Plan for Restaurant on White Rock Lake's
Boy Scout Hill Is Dead

CBS 11 News Report 4/25/2014
Developers Scrap Plans To
Build Restaurant On White Rock Lake

This site presents information regarding a proposal from Lyle Burgin and Richard (Rick) Kopf to build a restaurant and parking lot on a section of White Rock Lake Park known as Boy Scout Hill. This is virgin Blackland Prairie and a designated State of Texas Parks and Wildlife Natural Habitat. It is located at the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Buckner Blvd.

This development will impact the natural habitat at this location, increase the noise and traffic in the surrounding neighborhoods and at the lake, obscure views of the lake and/or green-space, attract rodents, and produce more trash at the lake.

Future plans for the park seem to have been in the works for at least the last two years and have just recently been brought to light in the community. Development of the east side is being pushed by the Mayor, DPARD, and City Council representatives.

Is another bar/restaurant really needed? There are many well recognized places in the community already. . There is only one White Rock Lake.

To learn more about this proposal, please check out the "Related Articles" links below, and especially consider joining the facebook pages, where lively discussions and the most current information can be found. If you have any questions, comments, or information you would like to see on this website, please contact (copy and paste if clicking the link does not automatically open your email program).

DMN Article 4/23/2014
"Crowd at meeting overwhelmingly against White Rock Lake restaurant"

                                                                    photo: Julie Fancher/DMN Staff Photographer

Kathleen Lynch handed out green ribbons to those against the proposed restaurant on Boy Scout Hill at a town hall meeting on April 22. In addition to making and handing out the ribbons, she made thumbs-up/thumbs-down cards for use at the meeting, organized the flyer distribution efforts, designed and created the bumper stickers and banners, and wrote a wonderful childrens book, "The Hill", available for download here. Thank you, Kathleen, for all your efforts!

What Can We Do Next

Bill Blaydes, former Dallas City Council member, outlines the steps required for approval of the restaurant, and tells how to fight it at each step. Read it HERE



City Representatives

Email Mayor and City Council

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Save Boy Scout Hill

Save White Rock Lake

Boy Scout Hill

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White Rock East Coalition

White Rock Lake Foundation

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For the Love of the Lake

Texas Park and Wild Life Land Steward Award for WRL 2005

Park History

About White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake Aerial Photographs, 1927 Fairchild
Survey, DeGolyer Library

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Management Plans for White Rock
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WRLP Management Plan

White Rock Master Plan Graphic

Official WRL Lighting Master Plan issued June 2009

White Rock Lake Design Guidelines

WRL Master Plan Update by Pacheco Koch dated 2012

White Rock Lake Plan 2012


OLHNA Spring Town Hall Meeting 2014 regarding Boy Scout Hill

White Rock Lake Native Prairie





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"The Bureaucrats Are Trying to Ruin White Rock Lake Again, but the Lake Will Not Abide"

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"The restaurant at White
Rock Lake is not a done deal"

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White Rock Lake-
Could It Happen?"

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Morning News Article
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Commercial Development
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Follow this link for a list of businesses
and organizations that strongly supported
our efforts to save Boy Scout Hill

Please give them your business in return!


Chef Stephan Pyles with Christine Carrey

Thank you Chef Pyles for supporting
Boy Scout Hill!

Liam Boeglin

photo: Gloria Sandoval

 “I will not be approving this restaurant. There’s no way I can approve a restaurant at White Rock Lake.” - Sheffie Kadane

Dallas City Council member Sheffie Kadane, who represents several area neighborhoods, told the crowd: “Once it (the restaurant proposal) comes to the City Council, I will not be approving this restaurant.” 

Objections by a council member to a project in his or her district usually means it will be rejected. Kadane said he expects developers to drop the restaurant proposal because of overwhelming opposition.




Click Here to see petition and
read some of the comments

Paper Petition Signatures



Why Not A Restaurant
At Boy Scout Hill?

Reasons Against a Restaurant

WRL-The Natural Side

Revenue from Proposed Enterprise
Projects at WRL Park


Get a
phone: 214-616-6171

New signs due in on April 29

Kathleen Lynch
has written a delightful children's book that adults can enjoy as well.

Click on the above image to open a pdf version that
you can download.


Hal and Ted Barker will be at Boy Scout Hill at 9am every
Saturday, with signs, flyers and information


Volunteers are distributing flyers from door-to-door in neighborhoods around the lake to raise public awareness of the proposed restaurant. If you would like additional flyers to pass out to friends and acquaintances who may be unaware of the proposal, you can click on the flyer image below to open a full-sized PDF of the flyer that you can print-out and distribute.

If you would like to distribute flyers in your neighborhood, contact Kathleen Lynch at to coordinate.

Click on image for full-sized PDF suitable for printing


How Can You Help?

  1. Volunteer to distribute flyers in your neighborhood!
  2. Sign the petition!
  3. Call, write, and email the Mayor, the City Council, and the developers daily!
  4. Write letters/emails to the media!
  5. Put a sign in your yard!
  6. Print out copies of the flyer and give to all your friends!
  7. Print out paper petitions and get signatures from everyone you know!
  8. Join and participate in the facebook groups!
  9. Find out if/when your neighborhood association is meeting with
    the developers, and pass the word via the facebook groups.
  10. Support local businesses that oppose the restaurant.

                                                                                                                         photo:Julie Long Sherrod


Picture a large restaurant with parking lot and associated traffic in these scenes